Mr. Asif Rehmani



Asif is the founder and CEO of VisualSP ( VisualSP is the creator of a Microsoft centric Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that is being used by more than 200 organizations around the world to increase user productivity while reducing the end user support burden.

Asif has been a Microsoft MVP for 16 years as of 2022. He is hyper focused on helping organizations with their digital adoption and digital transformation efforts. Asif has been training, consulting and mentoring on technologies for more than two decades and has authored several books over the years for Wiley publications.

Asif has also been a speaker at conferences since 2006 on numerous topics. He resides in United States, but has performed speaking engagements in several places around the world such as Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, UK, Sweden, Ireland, Canada and more.