The "C" in CRM is for C-Suite: The Role of Leadership in Customer Engagement Success in D365 CE (CRM)

  • Thursday, October 13, 2022:10:00 AM - 11:00 AM
  • Room: Lafayette 1 - Convention Center, Mezzanine
  • Session Number:  776


Harvard Business Review reports engaged digital leaders experience 10% acceleration in revenue growth. But the right kind of C-suite engagement has been an insurmountable hurdle for many projects. In this session you will learn the role of the C-suite in managing a CRM project and in using CRM to drive change within the business. Executives will leave knowing how to drive transformation by using the power of CRM. Project leaders will leave with a checklist for keeping C-suite engagement.

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Learning Objectives

• Learn to balance C-suite engagement to avoid the extremes that lead to CRM failure
• Understand the 2 ways leaders should influence the success of their customer engagement project
• Discover 3 ways to adopt CRM as a leadership tool


Geoff Ables
Managing Partner
C5 Insight