Power Pages for Low/No Code Developers

  • Wednesday, October 12, 2022:10:45 AM - 11:45 AM
  • Room: Suwannee 2 - Convention Center, Mezzanine
  • Session Number:  620


Sure, you can include a bunch of custom code in your Power Pages (aka Power Apps Portals) site, but the real “power” is how much you can do without writing a single line of code! Join Business Applications MVP Nick Hayduk, whose firm Engineered Code helps Microsoft partners all over the world with Power Pages projects, as he covers the low/no code features of Power Pages, including Lists, Basic Forms, Advanced Forms and Table Permissions (formerly known as Entity Lists, Entity Forms, Web Forms and Entity Permissions). This session is perfect for those who have been configuring Dynamics 365/CRM/Model-driven Apps for years, and want to use those skills to build Portals that can engage with all sorts of different audiences, internal and external!

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Learning Objectives

Learn how to build Power Pages without writing a line of code, including how to use Lists, Basic Forms, Advanced Forms and Table Permissions, watch as we build a Pages from scratch during the session, learn how to take existing model-driven app skills and use them on the Page.


Nicholas Hayduk
President, Software Engineer
Engineered Code Consulting Inc.