ACADEMY - Microsoft SQL Query Fundamentals (Part2)

  • Monday, October 10, 2022:8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Room: Emerald 3 - Hotel, Emerald Bay, Lower Level
  • Session Number:  974
  • / CEU Credits:12


--- NOTE: This class is part of the Academy series of classes and requires a separate registration from Summit attendee registration.----

Learn the key concepts of Structured Query Language (SQL), and gain a solid working knowledge through the many examples provided, and by active participation in the classroom lessons.
In this 1 1/2 day course, learn the basic structure of relational databases and acquire the skills necessary to develop both simple and complex SQL statements. These skills are at the core of being able to retrieve useful information from your databases.
This course is designed with the intent of maximizing your abilities to retrieve and manipulate data for your reporting and analytics information needs. This course  is not a database administration (DBA) or developer based SQL course.
Begin by learning about the database structure, achieving an understanding of SQL (Structured Query Language) is and identifying specific tools which will assist you in your quest to deftly write SQL.
Discover how to use SQL to retrieve, filter and sort data from tables. Once data is retrieved, you will develop skills to reformat the retrieved data with the use of calculated fields, and by introducing aggregate functions you will discover the world of gathering significant statistics from the underlying data.
Continuing on, you will be versed on how to extract data not only from multiple tables simultaneously with the use of joins and subqueries, but acquirer the ability to retrieve data from other database sources.
We will also cover how to use SQL to create and maintain tables and views, and how to manipulate data using the INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.
By the end of this course, you will be given a solid working knowledge of SQL. This knowledge will allow you to become a rock star for your company. Be a SQL HERO!

Learning Objectives

* Building SQL statements to retrieve useful information from the database.
*Gain an in-depth understanding of relational database structures
* Discover how to use SQL to effectively retrieve data, create calculated fields, and use aggregate functions.


Kerry Hataley
Nanook Software, Inc