ACADEMY - GP Power Tools for Dynamics GP (ERP)

  • Monday, October 10, 2022:8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Room: Emerald 8 - Hotel, Emerald Bay, Lower Level
  • Session Number:  945
  • / CEU Credits:8


--- NOTE: This class is part of the Academy series of classes and requires a separate registration from Summit attendee registration.----

GP Power Tools from Winthrop Development Consultants is a powerful suite of tools to help you support, administer and customize your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

This workshop will introduce all the features of the latest builds of GP Power Tools and explain the benefits of each. We will cover the features of all four of the modules so that you have a full understanding of what the tool is capable of and how it can solve your pain points. The modules of GP Power Tools are:

  • System Features module
  • Administrator Tools module
  • Developer Tools module
  • Database Tools module

We will cover topics such as; identifying resources (windows, tables, fields, etc.), resolving application security issues, setting up deny based security, capturing screenshots and logs, troubleshooting the cause of an issue, controlling Dex.ini settings and even avoiding issues by color coding companies.

We will also cover the scripting and programming capabilities of the tools, showing how it can be used to customize the system and fix issues. Also, we will explore the Database Validation feature to understand how this will help ensure your system is in “tip top” shape and so avoid upgrade issues.

David Musgrave, the developer, will guide you through the installation process and use of the tools. You will learn what the recommended configuration is and how to set up the tools to get the most out of it.

Learning Objectives

Installing GP Power Tools
Setting up GP Power Tools to get the most out of it
Identifying dictionary resources and security objects
Capturing Screenshots and logs from the system
Reviewing and changing security access
Using Deny Based Security to control security and hide menus
Troubleshooting issues with customizations
Centrally controlling Dex.ini settings
Usability features such as Company Color Themes and Window Position Memory

How to use Database Validation to fix potential upgrade problems before they occur
How to export and import data as XML files
How to use Advanced Trigger Mode to track down issues
How to use triggers to create customizations
How to write scripts in a variety of scripting languages
How to create user interfaces to your scripts with parameter lists
How to create custom report writer functions to retrieve data from any source



David Musgrave MVP, GPUG All Star
Managing Director
Winthrop Development Consultants