Supply Chain Automation Without Complex Customizations in Business Central

  • Tuesday, October 11, 2022:9:40 AM - 10:40 AM
  • Room: Coastal 1 - Convention Center, Level 2
  • Session Number:  834


Streamline projects and deliver robust supply chain capabilities in 2022 without introducing complex customizations into your ERP implementation. Attend this session for answers on adding value and automation without the headache and additional work of customizations. Join us to learn practical ways to advance your supply chain and bring meaningful results to your business.

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Learning Objectives

- Learn how to streamline communications with 3PLs and carriers
- Get practical advice on automating warehouse functions and improving warehouse management
- Simplify the creation of UCC-128 labels and packing slips


Shawn Martin
Senior Product Specialist
SPS Commerce
Steve Massey
VP of Technology
SPS Commerce