I Went Live on Business Central... Now What?

  • Tuesday, October 11, 2022:2:30 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Room: Coastal A - Convention Center, Level 2
  • Session Number:  748


In this session we discuss what to expect after going live on Business Central, drawing from 20 years of implementing Microsoft products. Topics include, how to control support costs, data stewardship, continuing education, and what to do with those left-over initiatives from the project. The session begins with surviving your first month end and first bank reconciliation, then moves on to discuss SaaS upgrades and post-go-live best practices.

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Learning Objectives

Manage Support Costs
Closing First Month
Prioritize Post Go-Live Initiatives
Implement SaaS Updates and Extension Compatibility
Control Data Integrity



kirk Southcott
Solution Architect
Ternpoint Solutions