When and How to Perform a Code Review and Why It's Important for NAV/BC

  • Tuesday, October 11, 2022:3:30 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Room: Naples 3 - Convention Center, Level 2
  • Session Number:  742


Having your code reviewed is not the equivalent of going to the dentist’s office, and reviewing someone else’s code is not the time to prove your superiority over other developers. Code reviews are an opportunity for everyone to learn and to produce better systems for our users. In this session you’ll learn how to define what’s important to your company in terms of quality along with when and how to perform a proper code review.

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Learning Objectives

Developers will learn how and when to do code reviews, as well as learn how to identify what is important to their organizations when it comes to code quality


Matt Traxinger
Lead Developer and Developer Quality Advocate